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Cellphone Surveillance Counter Measures

Reports that the Met has been using covert communications data capture CCDC that can masquerade as a mobile phone network date back to at least There has been extensive criticism of illiberal regimes overseas using the technology to crack down on dissidents in states such as Bahrain, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and in Turkey. Ed Bridges, a former Liberal Democrat councillor, alleges that the cameras breach data protection and equality laws.

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Judgment in the case is expected in the autumn. IMSI catchers can gather data about large numbers of phones over a distance of several miles.

Good luck going anywhere or having any private conversations on your cell phone. Your cell phone is tracked and triangulated via the cell phone towers and then top it off with your even more accurate built in GPS. Add to this that every cell phone call is intercepted, regardless of what the news media tells you. Radio, so far seems to be the most anonymous.

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Except that on the Amateur bands you must use your amateur radio callsign. Fox hunting is the method used to track rogue transmitters. It utilizes directional antenna. A directional antenna is more sensitive to received signals in some directions than others.

Your phone is also a surveillance device, and it's turning your life into a map

When a directional antenna is rotated, a received signal will either increase or decrease in signal strength, information from which a skilled hunter can determine the likely direction to the transmitter. If they start hunting you, you have a very limited amount of time to stop transmitting and get the heck out of there. I speculate that the powers that be have antennas deployed just for this type of tracking, so transmit and move.

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You might have the best luck using HF and bouncing that signal, or skipping it off the atmosphere, but nothing is foolproof. This is just a few ways describing how you are tracked, remember this and you might be able to avoid some of it. Communications Gear. Popular Posts. Staying off the Radar. Best Budget Night Vision Goggles for How to Survive in the Desert?

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Anyone of you can try it. The ACLU works to ensure that cell phone data is protected against unjustified disclosure. What types of data do these devices capture? Fake mobile phone towers operating in the UK. Some of these problems can be addressed by using third-party privacy software—but some of them can't. There is a well-developed specialty of forensic analysis of mobile devices.

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But it has no call interception feature. Just things like sms, gps, whatsapp, safari and so on.

What you should know about the ‘Stingray’ surveillance device used by police

Free trial is available. Oh, and how will you like it when your tech savvy teenager turns the application on you. I'll bet you won't be so happy you brought in the house in the first place. Good luck explaining why you think it's okay for you to spy on him, but are really, really upset when you find out it is happening to you.

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You get what you give. What comes around, will go around. Good luck. Kids also need space and freedom to grow and evolve, as well as privacy and boundaries. Understandably, there are advantages, and sometimes the need, to know if you can trust a sitter or another person. These apps are advertised for "parents", but they attract a lot of creepy motives and behaviors.

We need an equal amount of attention to detecting these devices illegally used by undignified losers. The public, not just web savvy developers and tweeters, but people of all walks should know how easy it is to violate their privacy and more I happen to be related to someone like that It's disgusting. With all these surveillance apps your going to need a fair amount of power. One time I went to work and my daughter is in her swimming lessons when I received a message saying she is having an emergency. The automatic voice call of her Just5 phone enabled me to talk to her.

She had an accident and is currently inside the school clinic. Just5 phone really works well. Ryan, I located two. The first is "Night Recorder".


They slipped it by Apple by listing it as a health app. It's noise activated and works great.

The second is "Security Cam". It was developed by Crowded Road. They have a couple handy apps.

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I'll skip telling you what I did with the use of these Apps. Use your imagination and factor in my Grand Daughter :. I'm so pleased the link to your name brings me to the articles you've written. I was dreading trying to locate this article :. Eric - you make an excellent point. On the flip side, instead of using the surveillance as a "watch out because I'm watching you" tactic, it could be used as a way to keep kids such as teens honest. Letting your kids make their own mistakes is well and good, and trusting that they're telling you the truth and giving them freedom is also good.

However, there's also something to be said for catching your teen in a lie because we all know they eventually choose to lie to you to test the limits - and showing them the ramifications of lying to you, is an important part of establishing a healthy level of discipline and laying down the point early on that you are not the type of parent that is clueless and can be steamrolled.

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