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Android - Locating the MAC address

All these apps will let you locate the IP address of the device location and the last login time. The accuracy of the information also depends on the device that used to login into the application and the Internet connection type like WiFi, 3G or 4G.

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What can I do. The MAC of all wireless devices are unique. Shean says, however, that his company tries to filter out mobile devices because they aren't useful in providing location fixes. View all events. Skyhook Wireless' list of matches appears to be closer to 5 percent. Your feedback helps us provide better support. The 'modus operandi' of Magecart 5 is very different from other, similar threat groups, according to Malwarebytes.

Now you have the IP address of your missing device. IP based Geolocation is a mapping of an IP address or MAC address to the real-world geographic location of an Internet-connected to a computing device or mobile device.

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Infosnipper offers free as well as commercial web API geolocation services. For a free demo simply fill in the IP address or domain name in the form below in order to get detailed geolocation information on your entry. This is an alternative solution to track your device if you are not installed any tracking applications on your phone or PC. However, we strongly recommend you to install the dedicated tracking applications for your device. These dedicated apps are designed to offer more features and options that help you to track and find the lost device.

I had a Windows laptop and it got stolen! I have its mac address!

If you’re using an Android phone, Google may be tracking every move you make

What is the best app which i can prefer to track my laptop using mac address? I have 2 iPads…. When I clicked on all devices, I only see one of the iPads which is in my possession , but my missing iPad Air is not listed under all devices…. We obviously should assume that the phone is switched on and that at least one of the GPS, Wi-Fi or mobile connection modules are active. The position defined by the GPS system is the most accurate. Thanks to GPS satellites, the position of the phone can be identified with a precision of just metres.

However, the smartphone must be in an area for the GPS antenna to have good signal.

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If the smartphone is connected to a Wi-Fi network , geolocation takes place using the MAC address the unique identifier that each hardware vendor attaches to the Ethernet or wireless network adapters of the access point or the router that provides the connection. The system works in this way: mobile devices usually collect the nearby routers and access points MAC addresses and transmit them to the databases used by geolocation services, in order to geographically map their global deployment.

To find the location of a phone connected to a Wi-Fi network, just find the MAC address of the access point and check the database to see its geographical address.

MAC addresses are unique – sort of

Geolocation through Wi-Fi may not be very accurate, for example if the location of the access point with that particular MAC address has not yet been determined accurately. The IP address could also be used for location purposes.

Finally, the use of the mobile network is based on the use of cellular ID data for the mobile transmitter, triangulating the information with the known location of other neighbouring mobile transmitters. Apple provides its iOS devices with Find my iPhone app.

Other utilities

The app must be configured on your device iPhone or iPad following the instructions. You can remotely make a sound, turn on lost mode or initialise your iPhone or iPad. Like Apple, also Google will show the position of your mobile device on a map, offering you the ability to make a sound, lock or erase your smartphone remotely.

Android - Locating the MAC address

Among other requirements, companies that have signed on to the Code must:. Click to read the full Code of Conduct. Companies following the Code have committed that they will not link your MAC address to any personal information, such as your name and address, without your affirmative consent. Beacons broadcast their unique ID using low energy Bluetooth signals. If a user downloads an app and gives permission to the app, the app may listen for beacons to detect and help an app determine proximity to a beacon.

Unlike mobile location analytics technologies, they do not detect or collect MAC addresses. Beacons are simply marks that your phone and apps using your phone can take advantage of to understand more precisely where a user is. For more information on beacons, please read Do Beacons Track You?

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