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Ordinary Looking Smartphone Stealthily Records HD Video

Enter the CID code, the username, and passwords you used to configure the camera on the first device. Afterward, press Save. You will be taken to the main screen of the app. You will now be able to stream live from the Android device that you turned into a spy camera earlier. You can capture screenshots from your spy camera, switch between the front and back camera and switch the flash on or off.

IP Webcam is one of the most reliable and popular spy camera apps there is.

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Also, the app supports watching the video stream on any browser or on any media player on your PC. The app also supports video chat through Skype and Chatroulette. Once you open it, you can edit settings for how you want to record the video. The setting options include frames per second, image size and image quality. Make sure to write them down — you will need them later.

Now, place the phone at the location that you want to monitor. Make sure you position the phone strategically.

Step 2: Choose a spot to position your camera

If you want to stream on your PC, open your browser and enter the IP address and the port number you saved earlier. You will be taken to the Android Webcam Server page where you will be able to view the video in your browser — where you will have some options about what to do with the stream. You will now be able to see the video stream directly on your Android device. The app features several advanced features including silent video recording, silent picture capturing, upload the video file on Picasa, Dropbox, FTP or email and saving the video to your SD card. You will see a button with the link featuring the IP Address and Port Number — make sure to save them somewhere because you will need them later.

After that, you should position the device strategically. This will open up the CloudCam page in your web browser where you will be able to edit the settings, capture screenshots from the device and view the live stream directly on your browser or through another media player. There are many apps that could be installed on your phone and that could access your camera without you knowing.

Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Viber

User Rating 4. Jose Let me know what help you need. Please be aware: When requesting a stock alert, you are not guaranteed the item will be available, it is up to you to act on purchasing the item as quickly as possible, when you recieve the alert via email. This device does not support wireless viewing, although uses a microSD card. Battery: Cooler, protector, repair and safe Charge.

Perhaps you want to keep an eye on your pets or children at home, or what to see if your valuables are well protected. However, sometimes an amateur app is not enough.

Home security apps can turn your old device into a spy camera in a couple of minutes. So what method did you use? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below! Featured Image.

Here are some of the top most popular spy secret camera options available for users to use-

If you really want to spy on someone or just monitor your house, you can easily use your Android phone as a spy camera. Whether you want to. · The 12 best Android camera apps around. Spy cam apps such as Call Cam Spy Lite and Spy best cameras on i spy app Phone are some .

Those were three great spy apps for Android. This is the most flexible option in my opinion.

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Its game over. I have a remote log house in the woods and there is no 3G or broadband connection…. So im just wondering if my old HTC or S2 come in handy by using this software to make it possible for me 2 watch the main entrance while im sitting in my room on the phone….. Hi Rahul, For this to work you will need Internet access.

You should be Ok with a WiFi connection. I wish I had a log house too, sounds like a great place to disconnect. Thanks for commenting. We need 10 anti abuse apps or how to discover if these are used against us. Your email address will not be published. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

Know How... 57: Turn Your Android into a Spy Cam

How to Facetime on Android. How to Turn off Safe Mode. How to Unlock Android Phone. How to make video calls between Android and iPhone. How to send group texts from Android devices. Unlock Android devices with Cracked or Broken screen. Spy Phone App is designed in a way that makes it send regular updates with collected info to your account. You can set up the notification system that will alert you when an update comes.

You can also set the frequency of those updates.

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Having a spy cam app running non-stop means that your phone will automatically upload all pictures you take with the device into cloud. You can access them from any computer or mobile device. The best thing is that you can be sure the precious images will remain with you even if something happens to the device.

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The answer to this depends on how you go about using the application as well as the laws in your state. One thing that is the same for every place is that installing spy software of any kind is illegal without consent. This means that you must first get the person you want to monitor to agree on this. This would be a challenge, even if you are family.

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In this document, you will find extensive information on all legalities pertaining to this software. Read carefully as by installing and activating the app, you indicate your consent to the terms. In this particular case, this means that you agree to obey the laws of your state in regards to using Spy Phone App.

You also accept the responsibility of researching those laws in detail. As this spy cam app is rather sophisticated, you should study all its features before using them.